About the Tax and Financial Planners at Larry Turner, CPA

Taking the Fear out of Finances

Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services has offered professionally licensed tax and financial services since 1973. A member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for four decades, Larry and his staff have always upheld the organization’s high professional standards.

Currently, Larry Turner, CPA handles the tax and financial matters of over 1,000 individuals and businesses. Every member of our staff knows that he or she must address client needs and concerns immediately, no matter what the client’s financial or social status. We’ve built our brand by performing at the top of our ability in every case. We bring not only our rigorous educations to your issues, but real-world experiences that have demonstrated just how financial laws and theories translate into reality. Sharing these experiences helps you decide how you want to handle taxes, retirement, college planning, an audit, your financial planning and more.

Getting and keeping clients out of trouble with the IRS makes up just part of the work at Larry Turner, CPA. We can help you make the most of the money you manage to save. We are proud to deliver expertise rivaling that of any “Big 4” accounting firm, but also the careful, one-on-one attention of a boutique service.

Larry Turner, CPA


Larry began his career as an audit supervisor with the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Detroit. In this role, he attained an extensive education and experience in how the Internal Revenue Service conducts its audits of both big companies and individuals. He also learned the strategies of those who successfully cleared their audits and those who only infuriated agents, making themselves even more tempting targets. Up close and personal to how an audit should go and how it actually gets carried out helped Larry develop the strategies that makes him successful with everyone from small families to complex corporations.

His work in audits of publically held companies focused mostly on automobile manufacturing and glass production. Despite their size, these companies go through many of the business stages, challenges and opportunities any business undergoes, even solopreneurs. Through this work, he helped file public registrations with both the Securities and Exchange Commission, winning SEC clearance to take companies public. He’s at his best.

In 1993, the responsibilities of a young family prompted Larry to move to Arizona where he could run his own business as an independent CPA and financial planner. At this stage, he focused on small business auditing, financial statement preparation, taxation, retirement planning and consulting, areas that take up most of his time today.

Shouldering the burden of financial organization, strategy and analysis puts the spark in Larry’s work every day. He enjoys the relief on his clients’ faces once they realize their issues aren’t as threatening as they feared. In fact, Larry enjoys helping clients find their way out of financial issues so much, he does not plan on retiring any time soon, despite four decades in the field. He’s at his best.

Larry lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife, Shellie. They have been married since 1978 and have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. When not working, Larry enjoys going to the gym and traveling with his family.