Business Tax Preparation

Business Tax and Accounting Services that Build Firm Foundations


  • a timely profit & loss statement showing how you’re doing
  • your annual taxes filed ON TIME
  • expert advice on decisions you have to make quickly
  • freedom from stress about potential audits

That’s what you get when you outsource the management of your accounting to Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services. Small business accounting can overwhelm an owner who works nights and weekends to meet orders or bring in new customers. Finally! This Gilbert business tax preparation service brings you confidence about your core financials!

Since 1993, Larry Turner and his staff have handled the taxes and finances of small and middle-market businesses, large and small corporations and startups.

With Larry’s help, businesses of all types have ensured they are in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service, state tax offices, their lenders, their vendors and more. They take the right steps to keep their taxes manageable.

Larry Turner Business Tax Preparation and Financial Services Accounting Services Include:

Income Tax Planning

  • Tax Planning/Minimization Services
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Bankruptcy Considerations / Options
  • Business Year End Accounting Adjustments and Depreciation
  • Profitability Analysis Services

Income Tax Preparation

  • Federal Form 1120 – Corporations
  • Federal Form 1120S – S Corps
  • Federal Form 1065 – Partnerships
  • All Forms and Schedules
  • All States
  • Tax Extensions
  • Tax Amendments
  • All non-filed prior tax years(s)

IRS Problem Resolution

  • Tax Levies
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Audit Formal Representation
  • Tax Delinquencies
  • Non-filing issues
  • Any Problem Resolution Matters

Many of our current clients started with a simple task: getting their taxes filed. They were relieved to find we could handle the tougher stuff as well: tax delinquencies and liens, audits and more.

Ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your own business tax and accounting department? Call us at 480-726-8500 or leave us a quick note here with your question. We will start straightening out your numbers and future right away!

Fighting Audits Fearlessly

The first notice from the IRS can strike fear into the heart of anyone from the company founder on down to the mail room clerk. Rest assured, they intimidated Larry, too . . . 43 years ago when he first began his career.

Business owners imagine the worst: bankruptcy, foreclosure, unemployment, jail.

Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Planning has a few alternative scenarios. How about:

  • An Offer in Compromise where you pay less than the delinquent amount proposed by the IRS?
  • An installment agreement that keeps your business running and faith in a better future?
  • Profit problem resolution?

Larry and his staff have dealt with hundreds of IRS agents. We know how to get to the right decision maker with the right deal. Over the years, we’ve found the IRS even appreciates that the business has secured an experienced intermediary to represent them.

Call us at 480-726-8500 or leave us a quick note here with your question. Let us at ’em! (Don’t worry; we’ll be polite.)