Working with Larry, Your Tax and Financial Planner


Four decades in the accounting and taxation field has taught us that organizing finances (particularly taxes!) causes everyone stress.

The frightening commercials from big insurance and investment firms strike fear into executives, dog walkers, nurses, entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs equally. Therefore, we take great pains to reassure clients about audits, delinquent taxes, retirement plans (or lack thereof) and business financial statements. While the financial issue may be new to you, Larry Turner, CPA, has seen and rectified it dozens of times before. Just ask: he’ll tell you all about the outcomes for a handful of situations just like yours! Any financial planner worth his adding machine should be able to explain just how he or she has tackled a similar situation before.

After discussing your needs with us via phone, we offer to schedule an office visit. Just as a doctor does, we ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment so that we can collect as much basic information as possible. We typically have clients bring their W-2s, 1099s, profit and loss statements, letters from the IRS or state tax office. Clients have brought them to us in files, in shoeboxes… we’ve even see a bushel basket or two!

With the basic information registered, you’ll speak at length with Larry. As he inputs the more complex information into our state-of-the-art software, it appears on a large screen so you can follow the process. Your questions are welcomed and encouraged during this time.


Larry will let you know the timeline for preparing your taxes, financial statements or retirement plan. Once your work is complete, we take whatever time necessary to help you understand your financial picture and next steps. We can even make changes at this point if necessary.
The documents then go through a final review and proofing process. With your permission, we can have your returns electronically filed that day. We provide you with hard copies of your tax returns or other financial documents. You’ll find that Larry is a patient and painstaking financial planner.

Everyone at Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services takes the responsibility for protecting your money and personal information seriously. Our offices are secured by a sophisticated and frequently-tested alarm system. Our computer records are encrypted and backed up both on- and off-site. We never share any of your confidential information with anyone unless you request we do so.

Whether you’re a teacher or a tech entrepreneur, a business owner or student, we deliver comprehensive services every step of the way. Call us at 480-726-8500 or leave us a quick note here with your questions. We look forward to tackling both your challenges and opportunities! Our goal is to be a part of your future success.