Focused Financial Consulting Gilbert & Phoenix Residents Trust

Save Time and Torment with an Outside Perspective


The adage, “can’t see the forest for the trees” became popular because it resonates with so many, even today… especially today.

Management and financial teams can go around and around trying to come to the right decision. An outside perspective from a financial expert with decades of completely separate experience sheds brilliant light onto complex problems.

Why torment your staff with requests for the same input? Why call another meeting to cover the same territory? Larry Turner, CPA provides the professional financial consulting Gilbert and Phoenix businesses have relied on for decades. He has even guided clients as far away as New York, Florida, Hawaii and Pago Pago, American Samoa.

The best decisions end up enabling the business to bring in new clients and establish its value in the marketplace at the lowest cost. Larry’s four decades as a CPA have equipped him with real-life cause and effect lessons in hundreds of businesses. Standing with the best financial consultants, his insights can bring clarity to your performance management, business strategy, operations, talent and reporting. While a picture paints a thousand words, a few related stories and thorough analysis makes the best solutions plain.

Areas of financial consulting we tackle are:

Finance Process Optimization: Larry’s insights help you enhance the processes behind your accounts receivables and payables, fixed assets, planning-budgeting-forecasting course, close-consolidate-report and more.

Financial Strategy: Our insights fuel a concrete strategy and plan that guide the company over the next three years or more. In turn, this plan informs shorter-term company and financial objectives. We can even lead a meeting where we facilitate getting all executives and stakeholders on board.

Corporate Transactions: In mergers and acquisitions, Larry has stepped companies through initial public offerings, mergers, sales, purchases of other entities and more. We get you ready for day one and set up a reporting process that keeps your financial statements clean and above board every step of the way.

Financial Division Operating Model Optimization: We evaluate and understand your financial division’s function and overall capacity with the goal of cutting costs. Together, we explore the feasibility of outsourcing and staff utilization.

CFO Support: We help CFOs pinpoint their company’s performance drivers and how incentives impact business performance. CFOs need to be able to supply C-suite decision makers with clear information that fuels strategy. Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services supports CFOs with timely financial statements and more.

Expert Financial Consulting Eases the Burden and Sharpens the Results

In today’s fast-paced and digital economy, CFOs and Finance executives must do all they can to drive growth and align with C-suite strategy. At the same time, their financial statements and other documents must be precise and revealing. Our expert financial consulting services provide a competent sounding board and oversight committee.

Ready to bring on an auxiliary brain? Larry Turner, CPA has worked with everyone from large automotive and glass manufacturing plants to mom and pop small businesses. Call us at 480-726-8500 or leave us a quick note here with any questions. We look forward to tackling your challenges and opportunities.