Financial Statement Preparation Gilbert & Phoenix Businesses Rely On

Never Fear the Financial Statement Audit!

A well-prepared set of financial statements can get you a mortgage for your facility, a solid offer for your business, but more importantly, goodwill and a thumbs up from the Internal Revenue Service. Professional financial statement preparation and auditing contributes to great business success.  

Certified Public Accountant Larry Turner started his career four decades ago preparing financial statements and audits for large corporations to keep them out of trouble with the IRS, SEC and lenders. He has consistently offered financial statement preparation in Gilbert, Phoenix, Honolulu, Detroit and more for thousands of clients. While of course there’s a science to it, decades of experience have taught Larry the art of communicating meaningful and useful information to those who “need to know” the best tax and financial information.

Larry stays current with the ever-changing tax laws and standards so that all items are always stated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Since starting his career in 1973, Larry has witnessed just which items catch the attention of the IRS or deter a lender or potential buyer. When you work with Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial services, you not only get financial organization, you get optimization tailored to your goals!

Every privately-held business, publicly-owned corporation and non-profit must present financial statements. In addition to providing clear information to outside entities, professionally-prepared financial statements help business owners and management make clear-headed decisions. They provide foresight for the coming year so that marketing and hiring decisions come more easily and with less stress. A solid grasp on earnings projections for the coming years also brings peace of mind and confidence about business health. Imagine how much more you can get done with your worries put aside!   

The Financial Statement Audit is Nothing to Fear
If you’ve landed at this page, chances are a bank, commercial mortgage lender or buyer has requested a compilation, review or audit of your financial statements by someone outside of your company. They need to know that what you report to them is up to professional standards and fairly presented.

Sometimes, potential clients are concerned about any financial actions they’ve taken as being seen as an impropriety. In the vast majority of the cases, we are able to find the source of the issue and rectify it. The bottom line is many companies must have their financial statements compiled, reviewed or audited. Tackling tricky issues now helps all future business transactions go more smoothly.

The Financial Statement Review Process

Larry and staff give you a list of information they need which you can email, mail or bring into the office. We have had people come in with cardboard boxes filled with a mish mash of receipts, ledgers and more. We haven’t failed to straighten one out yet! An expert in small business accounting, Larry understands well the 17 hats every owner wears as well as the 100-hour workweek he or she endures. He has also worked with many corporations that need outside eyes on their financials and other business statements.

Elements of the Financial Statement Audit, Compilation or Review

Larry can handle every facet of your financial statement preparation and review. These services include:

Review & Reconciliation

  • Bank and Account Reconciliation
  • Accuracy in General Ledger Posting

Quarterly Reporting Compliance and Payroll

  • Audits of Worker’s Compensation
  • Wage Garnishments

Asset List/Depreciation Reporting
Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements

  • Corporate
  • Small Business
  • Sales and Excise Taxes Specific to Certain Industries

Loan Amortization Schedules
Accounting Technology Services

  • Regular off-site back up of digital accounting records
  • Remote access connection to provide timely availability of accounting data minus loss due to portable back up/restore issues

HR Resources/Compliance  
Annual Budgeting  

Whether it’s time for financial statement preparation and/or an audit, Larry and his staff can help you present numbers showing your business health to a potential buyer, banker or government body. Call us at 1-800-444-4444 or leave us a quick note here with any questions. We look forward to talking with you