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Individual Taxes- Larry Turner, CPA - financial advisor


The US General Accounting Office reports that 77% of American taxpayers believe they benefit from using a professional tax preparer.

It’s no wonder licensed CPAs win nationwide praise. Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services helps clients save significant money on their tax returns by:

  • integrating the year’s specific, new deductions with unique, personal financial situations.
  • proposing tax strategies based on new life events: arrival of children, property, assets, inheritance, the beginning of a new business, or a lay-off.
  • handling the tax audit (and IRS agent) expertly and aggressively so that you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • organizing and clarifying tax documents necessary for applying for a business loan or home mortgage.
  • pin-pointing financial red flags and actions that could attract the attention of the IRS (and talking clients out of financial decisions that could make them audit targets).
  • Alerting you to tax, retirement, college loan and trends and recent legislation that could work in your favor in coming years. In other words, lining up the elements to achieve long-term goals.

Clients are so relieved when Larry takes over the tax auditor phone calls, responds to the notices you receive and represents you.

Specifically, Larry Turner Tax and Financial Services handles:

Income Tax Preparation

  • Federal Form 1040
  • Federal Form 1040A
  • Federal Form 1040EZ
  • All Forms and Schedules
  • All States
  • Tax Amendments
  • Tax Extensions
  • All non-filed PRIOR TAX year(s)

IRS Problem Resolution

  • Negotiate and Setup Installment Payment Plans
  • OIC (Offer in Compromise)
  • Tax Levies
  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Audit Formal Representation
  • Wage Garnishment Issues
  • Tax Delinquencies
  • Non-filing issues
  • Any Problem Resolution Matter

Ensure a prosperous and stress-free future when you turn your taxes and finances over to an expert with over 40-years experience navigating tax laws, investments and more. Call us at 480-726-8500 or leave us a quick note here with your questions. We look forward to talking with you.

Handling Audits Confidently, One Step at a Time

Despite the fear they trigger, most IRS audits of individuals and families resolve in unremarkable ways. The media certainly enjoys focusing on the famous who spend time in jail due to non-payment of taxes. Wesley Snipes spent time incarcerated because he evaded paying millions of dollars in taxes (he considered himself a “tax denier” or “tax protester”). Willie Nelson tried to hide his millions by making unwise, aggressive tax moves, but the government ended up seizing nearly all his assets anyway. We’ve found the majority of American families aren’t greedy, they get behind in taxes or get bad advice. Believe it or not, the IRS sees it this way, too.

Larry Turner, CPA started responding to the Internal Revenue Service in the 1970s, when Larry prevented and handled audits for automobile manufacturers and glass plants. In his four decades of work, he’s interacted with the most aggressive agents, as well as those prepared to make deals. He has prepared offer in compromises, some of which the individual taxpayers legally paid a substantial reduction in the original amount due. The IRS also considers “installment agreements” which allows people to pay delinquencies on a reasonable timeline.

Larry Turner, CPA knows how to get to the right decision maker with an attractive deal. Over the years, we’ve found the IRS even appreciates that the family has secured an experienced intermediary to represent them. Rest assured, we will provide a flexible payment plan so that everyone can get help . . . no matter their situation.

Individual Taxes –  Planning Leverages Time to Improve Your Returns

Those who get their taxes in on time for a few years begin to appreciate the art of tax planning.

Tax planning services helps individuals and families make the choices that maximize after-tax income, win scholarships for college-aged children, avoid audits and more. When individuals start the tax planning process in June or July, they have the time to make decisions about:

  • spreading taxable income amongst family members
  • organizing and documenting tax-exempted income
  • acting on tax-saving investments if need be
  • organizing finances to qualify for tax exemptions or deductions
  • taking advantage of any new tax laws

The earlier families begin tax planning the more they can take advantage of money’s best friend: time. As Mad Money’s Jim Cramer explains, it’s not your salary that will make you rich but your wise saving and investments that grow with the help of time. Any deduction you can get now can multiply itself in the years ahead. More, paying appropriate amounts (not too much!) on time avoids the penalties that cut into your savings and investments. Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services handles all tax planning services including expert witness services and even bankruptcy considerations.

Whether you’re considering tax planning, tax preparation or both, Larry and his staff can lift your stress and help you meet your short- and long-term financial goals. Qualified to prepare returns for all states, we always keep our skills up-to-date by attending frequent training and seminars to keep his Certified Public Accountant license current. Call us at 480-726-8500 or leave us a quick note here with any questions. We will start straightening your numbers out and future right away!