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Have you ignored IRS notices? We’ve tackled it. Four boxes of invoices but no taxes filed for five years? We’ve handled that, too. At Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services, We thrive on taking the fear out of your tax and financial matters.

Based in Gilbert, Arizona, Larry and his staff have untangled years of financial complications including failures to: file taxes, plan for retirement, or organize a business sale. We’ve also done the heavy lifting on the positive side. Finding significant tax savings, setting families up to pay for college, and ensuring a comfortable retirement are all in a day’s work for your dedicated accountant and financial planner.

We have been proudly serving Gilbert for 25 years. Firm owner Larry Turner started taking on tax and financial planning challenges in 1973 and hasn’t found an issue he and his team couldn’t conquer yet. And in four decades, you can bet clients have brought us some doozies!

Family-Focused Gilbert Financial Planner

Always Available with Quick Advice: Larry Turner, CPA knows how alarming and confusing letters from the IRS, state tax office or 401K plans can be. Leave it to us to make the tricky calls and turn their jargon into clear language and next steps.

Full Range of Services: If you initially hire us as your financial planner for tax preparation, our offices will have all your information, goals and strategies established. When you think it’s time to buy a business, save for college or finally settle that tax issue from another state, we rectify the issue fast. No matter the financial path life paves for you, Larry stays on your team!

Expertise You Can Leverage: With 43 years in both individual and business tax and accounting, Larry approaches your situation with decades of experience and hard-won expertise.

How We Work

Rest assured that we provide all clients with conscientious service, no matter their income or extent of work contracted with Larry Turner, CPA Tax and Financial Services. After winning 99% of our clients via referrals over the past four decades, we know it’s critical to give every client Bill-Gates-level treatment. We make sure to reassure you about your financial health every step of the way. Read more about our gentle but effective process.

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